We’re very thankful for the media attention we’ve received over the years for our accomplishments. Our goal is to make it easy for media outlets to share our story and mission. Please download the press kit located on this page for write-ups about our mission, logos, and team photos. Please don’t hesitate to contact our in-house media and fundraiser coordinators if you are interested in setting up interviews with team members or have any questions: Graham Norwood (Fundraising Coordinator: or Kyle Coon (Media Coordinator: 

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Team Sea to Sea’s Mission

Did you know that the joblessness rate of Americans who are blind is nearly 70%? It’s true: and what’s more, this number hasn’t changed significantly in decades. Yet there is no shortage of talent in the blind community, and there are pioneering people who are blind exploding expectations and achieving spectacular success in business, sport, and every other arena of society. The world just doesn’t see enough of them.

We are a team of successful business people and athletes who share blindness as a common characteristic. We’re entering the world’s most grueling endurance cycling race, the 2018 Race Across America (RAAM), to show the immense capabilities of people who are blind and to raise awareness of the abysmal blind joblessness rate. We will be highlighting our achievements through a media campaign and full-length documentary. And we need your help to maximize impact and change the conversation around blindness..

Your coverage of our team and mission can help us shed light on the unacceptable joblessness rates for people who are blind across the nation. With your help, we can bring the inspiring stories of our team members into plain sight. 

Our Vision, Our Team

Team Sea to See is committed to proving that people who are blind can succeed in any field. We believe that demonstrating this capacity for success is critical to empowering others in the blind community and changing society’s perceptions of us. Lack of exposure to and understanding of blindness plays a major role in keeping employment rates so low for the blind community. Employers aren’t intrinsically hostile to the blind; they just don’t understand how people who are blind can, through ingenuity and adaptive technology, enjoy the same success as their sighted colleagues. That’s why we are taking on the high-profile challenge of the Race Across America: to show what blind success looks like, on and off the bike.

What is Race Across America?

Founded in 1982, Race Across America (RAAM) is one of the most respected and longest-running ultra-endurance events in the world. RAAM challenges individual cyclists and relay teams to ride from Pacific to Atlantic in record time – just nine days or under for teams. During their cross-country sprint, riders will cycle through twelve states, climb 175,000 feet in total elevation, and traverse some of the country’s most beautiful terrain. Truly, this is an adventure story like no other.

Getting Involved

RAAM’s audience is substantial, generating an annual 25+ million page views and 2500+ articles in mainstream media. Moreover, our story is unique; and our athletes have already received coverage in some of the world’s most notable publications – from Outside and Trail Runner magazines to the Wall Street Journal and the CBS Evening News. Such visibility ensures that your support of our team will be mutually rewarding. We can work with you to design a sponsorship package that provides opportunities for co-branding, media visibility and, in some cases, long-lasting involvement in the documentary which will capture this first of a kind adventure. Your gift will be processed by our financial sponsor, the 501(c)3 U.S. Association for Blind Athletes (, ensuring that your donation is tax-deductible. For further details on getting involved and making a difference, please contact Graham Norwood (Fundraising Coordinator: or Kyle Coon (Media Coordinator:

Team Athletic Accomplishments (collectively)

  • At least 47 marathons, including at least 3 overall wins
  • At least 5 Ironman Triathlons
  • At least 61 double centuries
  • At least 15 runs of 50+ miles
  • At least 5 runs of 100 miles
  • Events such as: Hoodoo 500 solo Voyager, Super Randonneur series of 200/300/400/600km rides, a 344-mile ultra relay (run), a tandem bicycle ride from Seattle to Connecticut, Ultra Spice 1000km (including overall win), Race Around Austria, Paris-Brest-Paris, Boston-Montreal-Boston, Furnace Creek 508, Tour Divide, Trans Am Bike Race, hiking across the entire country of Spain on the Camino de Santiago, Vasaloppet 90km Nordic ski race.