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Team Sea to See is made possible by the support of these amazing people:

Crew Chief, Felix Wong




Chief Mechanic, Paul Majors 




Aleshia Mueller (Reel Nomad Productions), Race Filming 



Michael Somsan, General Counsel


Jason Coble, Mechanic and RV Navigator 



Matt Hannifin, Driver, well known as “the Science Guy” in Fort Collins due to owning the Science Toy Magic store there for roughly 10 years until 2017, now gives science presentations all over the world in eleven languages.  Yes, eleven!

He also piloted balloons in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for 20 years, was Director of Installation at the Museum of Holography (NY, NY), is a patented inventor (boomerang for the blind), and has competed in four U.S. National boomerang tournaments. He juggles, rides a unicycle, plays the didgeridoo and has grown most varieties of carnivorous plants. https://www.sciencetoymagic.com/about-1


Russ and Sheila Stevens, Van Driver and Navigator 

Deb Yoder, Medical, Nutrition, and RV Team Lead 

Karen Rott, Nutrition and RV Manager

Shana Erickson, Nutrition and RV Manager is Steve Letnes’ sister. She grew up in Fort Collins and is an All-American swimmer who has done Ironman triathlons.

Andrea Croak, Project Manager and Driver

Mark Tapp, Driver, is a friend of Chris Howard and Steve O’Leary and a fellow cyclist who used to live in Denver. He now lives in Radford, Virginia and is a financial advisor.

Jim Holden, Navigator

Charles O’Kane, Mechanic and RV Navigator

Emily Lafferty, Website Administrator

Steve Leary, Assistant Crew Chief

Sheila Berlin, Van Navigator

Bharat Pannu, Navigator




Nate Faudel, Driver




Brad Thurman, Driver 




Dick Sievers, Driver



Jessie Groeschen, Van Navigator