About the Film

Jack Chen and Dan Berlin caught a vision to fundamentally alter the way that employers think about talent in the blind community. Both blind, they knew that their positions as Assistant General Counsel for Facebook and CEO of a large food company were not aberrations. In this gripping documentary, they set out to prove to the world that people who are blind could be successful both on and off the bike, in the saddle and in the boardroom. The documentary, Surpassing Sight, parallels their journey to tackle the toughest cycling race in the world, RAAM, with their equally grueling journey through the employment world.

If you’re like us, you can’t recall sitting in a work meeting with someone who is blind. This is because 70% of the blind community who are college educated can’t find a job. This hasn’t changed in the last seventy or more years. This film aims to drive 70% unemployment down to 7% or lower.

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